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The pair pose as a married couple to catch a russian sleeper agent in a gated community. Deeks and kensi go undercover as a married couple to locate a russian sleeper agent in a suburban neighbourhood. Itll be almost three years since deeks first unofficial proposal, but ncis. Season 5 edit in this season, kensi and deeks finally begin to truly confront their romantic feelings for each other, but face various obstacles that continue to keep them apart or discuss their true feelings.

Deeks and kensi get serious as they pretend to be just a boy and a girl instead of agents. Callen and kensi undercover sharon april 16, 2015 at 12. Best kensi and deeks romantic moments carla day at february 5, 2014 7. His chin rested on his hand as he pretended to read over his reports when really, he was watching kensi laugh, giggle, smile, and even flipping her hair at least once. He is also the main love interest and partner of kensi blye.

Stuck on the uss van buren for christmas, kensi surprises deeks by not being depressed, and deeks surprises himself by not being bothered as she dances with other men. I love the scene where undercover kensi and deeks are in zunas house and she moves into deeks space as though to woo him with her feminine ways, but he doesnt buy it. They later shared their first official kiss in season 4 episode 24. It was the episode that saw the ia investigation into deeks dating back to last season come to a head when, following his arrest in the previous episode, the rest of the team found out why hes on lapds radar. Longtime fans have wondered if we were ever going to see the day where marty deeks eric christian olsen. Deeks and kensi are finally able to talk for christmas.

Kensi and deeks begin to realize their feeling for each other and share their first kiss. The kiss and the intimacy shown in the deleted scene was a new step for the characters. At one point, kensi makes a goodbye call to deeks because this is kind of a suicide mission, so that obviously ups the stakes for the episode. And though kensi and deeks were able to subdue one of the killers who eventually came aknocking, two others stormed joelles home, forcing callen to break cover as a mildmannered, suit. And both kensi and deeks learn a thing or two about enjoying the good things in life, including a night sky and each other. So its high time to have a top 3 list celebrating the episodes that feature the absolute best writing of the series. For me, no kiss is more important, for it came at a time when deeks and kensi were. Office of special projects for undercover assignments. Deeks was born on january 8th, 1979 in california, but deeks didnt have a. As the episode wrapped up, the show finally delivered on the moment that so many people were hoping to see. It definitely sparked something in the characters, ruah. Are kensi daniela ruah and deeks eric christian olsen moving too fast on ncis.

With chris odonnell, daniela ruah, eric christian olsen, barrett foa. Kensi daniela ruah and deeks eric christian olsen will finally get married in season 10, episode 17. Marine corps family and still drives to camp pendleton every weekend. Now, the kiss in rage, that was a very sexy kissit should have been, callen was supposed to have just gotten out of prison solitarythey were putting on a showwell done. We accept donations year round, so if you havent donated yet, theres still time to add your support. For mecallen and kensi dont and never did have any sexual chemistry. In defectors deeks is arrested for the murder of francis boyle, his first partner who put a gun to his mouth and beat up hookers. Since agreeing to go allin with their relationship a few. Ruah mentioned the first kensideeks kiss from way back in season 3, although it was an undercover kiss when. The great thing about this kiss, their first kiss, was that we didnt see it. Kensi and deeks are ready it takes deeks a moment to realize why kensis distracted, until he notes the date. Marty deeks is the son of gordon john brandel and roberta deeks.

The two opened up to tv insider about what its like to have such a close relationship. She is also the partner and the wife to lapdncis liaison, marty deeks. The top 3 episodes for a new densi fan marty deeks. While the scene leaves questions about how kensi escaped the sword maybe she was saved just in time, one thing it did do was clarify beyond a doubt that the writers and powersthatbe initially did intend to show deeks and kensi becoming more than friends. Now that kensi blye daniela ruah and marty deeks eric christian olsen have decided to take the plunge into a fullfledged relationship onncis. Deeks let out a small, disgusted grunt as he watched her flirt with a temporary agent who had been assigned at ncis for a short two weeks. Kensi has been officially partnered with marty deeks since season two, although their first experience working together was in the season one episode fame. Throughout this series, ive tried to give credit to the writers of ncis. We got deeks declaration in episode one, and then this casual, light and tender scene in episode 2, which really just boils down to kensi trying to take care of deeks and him finding the strength to let her. She got her period that morning, so another month the third has gone by and theyre. He is also the partner to ncis junior special agent kensi blye. Instead he confronts her and finally wants her to empty her pockets.

By the end of the season, deeks and kensi finally begin to confront their true feelings for each other and share their first real kiss. Kensi and deeks go undercover as a married couple housesitting in a gated community to identify a russian sleeper agent believed to live in the neighborhood. Deeks finally found the right timing to propose to his longtime girlfriend, and this time. Kensi and deeks slowly begin to realize their romantic feelings for each other and by the end of the season share their first kiss.

In season 6, they finally decided to become a couple, and after facing very tough difficulties for the following two. We waited until season 3 for the first, albeit undercover, one. Thats actually the first moment when i said i like this guy. G and sam visit an old russian friend of g, and kensi. Fans who spent six years waiting for deeks and kensi to get together may go ballistic this week when they see callen and kensi get hot and heavy. Kensi marie blye was born in san diego, california. It wasnt until season 4 that they exchanged their first official kiss. The top 3 best written episodes wikideeks marty deeks. The deekskensi romance has been terribly written, from kensi punching deeks in the face and never apologising for it, to a lack of any kind of physical intimacy not even a kiss. Deeks and kensi shared their first unofficial kiss in season 3 episode 22. Just like we did with last weeks top 3 episodes for a new deeks fan, this week were assembling a package of three episodes wed show a new viewer, a trilogy to make them fall in love with densi the premise.

The most perceptive members of the audience noticed that something was going on between deeks and kensi from their very first meeting back in season one. Kensi and him kiss at the end of the episode and hetty appears on the screen. By the end of the episode, kensi agrees to look after sams children, but asks for deeks. Back because i couldnt get past my overall frustrations with that episode. The top 3 densi kisses wikideeks marty deeks ncisla. These may not be the best overall episodes or the most important, but combined together, they give our new viewer a good overview of what densi is all about, and help our newbie. Fan page dedicated to the characters kensi blye and marty deeks, played by daniela ruah and eric christian olsen on ncis. Check out the best kensi and deeks moments from the first crack in deeks armor to their last romantic interaction.

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