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And though what im gonna do that possibly as the but it did on it at right there. The reactions are priceless, especially the one from this guy. Drive thru invisible driver prank the hollywood gossip. Employees cant believe their eyes when the see no one is in the vehicle. Funny zombie drivethru prank funny drivethru floating cup prank pictures picdumps gifs. Drive thru invisible driver prank funny pranks on friends.

In one of the most entertaining and laughoutloud funny pranks seen in a while, the invisible drivethru prank is not to be missed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A pranksters video of him baffling drivethru staff by hiding in a car seat costume has become a viral hit on youtube. Hilarity ensues as a hidden camera captures the reactions of the fast food workers who believe there is no one behind the wheel. Drive thru invisible driver prank video wednesday, january 9, 20. The driver will be the prankster, ill be in the backseat taping it. Watch an invisible driver prank drivethru attendants. Discover the growing collection of high quality most relevant xxx movies and clips. Invisible drivethru prank guy goes back to the well. Drivethru headless driver prank most watched today. Funny drive thru skeleton driver prank extra funny videos. Invisible driver at drive thru inspires epic video.

Drive thru invisible driver prank by free britney at january 10, 20 5. Magician rahat hussein has performed a third round of his drive thru invisible driver pranks, a series where he baffles unsuspecting fast food drivethru employees by pulling up to their window in a car with an invisible driver. Drivethru invisible driver prank video the huffington post uk. It is the last thing you are expecting to pull up to the window when you are working it would scare the heck out of me too. Invisible car driver pranks unsuspecting drivethru employees. He may not have a head, but that neck is hungry for mcnuggets. The best reaction in my opinion, however, is a mcdonalds worker who continues to open and close the drive thru window, hoping that the mystery driver will magically appear. Youtube prankster tricks drive through attendants with invisible driver trick a few employees from mcdonalds and other fast food restaurants recently got a glimpse of what it. Just make sure that you make the material for your head somewhat see through the prank isnt fun if you crash into another car or the side of the building. This invisible driver prank is up there with the best youve seen in a long time. Rahats costume is pretty convincing and manages to scare a handful of fast food employees. The multiple unsuspecting employees working at the window get quite a fright and even some laughs. Check out my collection of magic pranks, drive thru pranks, and other things that will always keep you. Magicianprankster rahat returns wearing a headless costume for his latest drivethru prank.

Invisible driver prank, fake hand drivethru prank, fainting at the drivethru window. Though it was published on youtube only three days ago. The original reddit community and supporters of the tesla mission. Prank wars \u0026 easy tricks by rainbow s try not to laugh 18 funny moments \u0026 awkward situations. How this guy got away with driving through a toll booth, i have no idea, but i almost lost it when they tossed the fast food into the car and he drove off. Sodium chloride this is the oldest prank in the book. The scientific name for table salt is sodium chloride but nobody knows that, including drivethru workers. Headless man at the drive thru prank viral viral videos. Weve got form confounding drive through workers, but this is some nextlevel befuddlery the drivers dressed up as a car seat, lending him an aspect of invisibility as youd imagine. Magicianprankster rahat builds a custom car seat costume for his latest video, the drive thru invisible driver prank. Drive thru employees stumped by invisible driver prank. Check out drive thru invisible driver prank the latest video to go viral on the internet. When sitting at the driver s seat, it looks like the car has no driver.

Invisible drive thru prank leaves fast food workers. When going through the fast food drive thru, specify that the order is to go. Pranking fast food employees at the drivethru window is a timehonored tradition, and so it is that a guy who goes by magic of rahat has contributed the latest iteration of drivethru pranks. The reaction of some of these drive thru workers is hilarious. Headless car driver pranks fast food drivethru employees. Drive thru invisible driver prank ghost driver prank on. Turn on looping for your embedded video so it will play over and over and over and over and over and you get the idea. We had some fun over at guff a few weeks ago when we posted a picture of an incredibly shiny car, which fooled a few people into thinking the car was invisible. No other sex tube is more popular and features more nude drive thru scenes than pornhub. This invisible driver prank is incredible this guy. Drive thru employees stumped by hilarious invisible driver prank. Trumps bizarre comment about son barron is turning. Rahat is a magician and compulsive prankster who appears to specialize in tweaking the incredulity of drivethru workers. A couple of years from now, there will be a prank featuring a car with a human driver.

The looks on the employees faces vary from astonished to terrified but none are able to catch onto the fact that there is someone disguised as a car seat. Magician and youtube prankster magic of rahat stumped drive thru workers by pulling up to the window in a. Check out the stunned reactions at the drive through window when a car pulls up and no ones in the driver. Drive thru invisible driver prank video sandra rose. Magician rahat hussein performs a second round of his drive thru invisible driver prank, the one where he surprises unsuspecting fast food drivethru employees by pulling up to their window in a car with an invisible driver. Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in hd quality on any device you own. Even then, the look on these drivethru employees would make up for it. Magician and prankster rahat hussein takes his original drive thru invisible driver pranks to the next level by cruising up to fast food drivethru windows as a headless car driver. The 6 best drivethru prank videos on youtube bon appetit. Unsuspecting fast food workers are targets of another hilarious drive thru prank.

There are apparently still drive through workers who have not seen the invisible driver drivethru prank performed by the magician rahat. Im rahat, the magical prankster, and welcome to my channel. Transcript for invisible driver prank goes viral ok so far this why did do this farsi cost him. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on youtube. The stunt by magician prankster rahat hossain saw him hide in a car seat costume and capture the bemused expressions of takeaway staff as his driverless car moves past the collection point. Watch nude drive thru porn videos for free, here on. Rahat makes an order at a fast food restaurant and pulls up to the pick up window, all while wearing his car seat costume which creates the illusion of an invisible driver. A seemingly empty car pulls up to a drive thru window. Magician rahat hussein performs a fantastic prank on unsuspecting fast food drivethru employees by pulling up to their window in a car with an invisible driver. Rahat uses his headless suit to frighten drivethru workers. Drivethru invisible driver prank video huffpost uk. Drive thru invisible driver prank, a very funny video by rahat a magician and compulsive prankster, specialized in tweaking the drivethru workers. Someone must have ordered from the microphone and driven the car up to the service window, but it appeared empty. Man you should do the invisible driver and the floating cup.

Every since i was a kid, i have always been curious and inspired by magic. Magician and prankster rahat likes to record himself driving headless through various fast food pickup windows. Invisible driver at drivethru inspires epic video abc. Magician rahat blew the web away with his viralviral, and utterly hilarious, drivethru prank when he concealed himself as the car seat, fooling fast food workers into thinking a ghost of sorts was driving the car.

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