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This is a vba function for microsoft excel that calculates the apacheii score for a patient. The apacheii evaluation made at admission indicated 10 or more scores in 70% of the studied patients, with an average of,3 scores. The apache ii score estimates icu mortality based on a number of laboratory values and patient signs taking both acute and chronic disease into account. Apache ii and apache iv had a good and adequate capacity to discriminate between patient mortality area under the roc curve for apache ii, 0. A secondary analysis was performed on 2,530 adult patients participating in 2 cohort studies, with suspected infection as admission diagnosis within the first 24 h of hospitalization. Apache acute physiologic and chronic health evaluation. A worsening apache ii score at 48 h after icu admission may identify the patients at high risk of mortality. In the intensive care unit icu of joaquin albarran hospital was implemented the use of the apache ii scale, acute physiology and chronic health status because of its easy use and certainty of its results. You should use the worst value for each physiological variable within the past 24 hours. Apache ii 11,06 frente a 9,09, sofa 3,06 frente a 2,08. Acute physiology and chronic health evaluation apache ii and medicare reinbursement.

If nothing happens, download github desktop and try again. It is the dedication of healthcare workers that will lead us through this crisis. Capuzzo m, valpondi v, sgarbi a, bortolazzi s, pavoni v, gilli g, candini g, gritti g, alvisi r. Overall, apache ii 48 is the best predictor of 28day mortality in critically ill patients. This outcome increased with apacheii scoring and reached a mortality rate of 78,5% in those achieving 20 or more scores. To validate the apache ii and sofa scores in patients with suspected infection in clinical settings other than intensive care units. Validation of severity scoring systems saps ii and apache ii in a singlecenter population. Criterios medicos, definiciones, indicaciones, contraindicaciones, clasificaciones, diagnosticos. Article pdf available january 2016 with 473 reads how we measure reads.

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